The Worlds Fastest 3D Printer Based on Printed Frame

March 18, 2023 | Open Source
Matt The Printing Nerd

Youtuber ‘Matt The Printing Nerd’ uploaded a video showing off his new printer design. It’s called ‘The 100’ printer and Matt claims it is the fastest 3D printer which has a printed frame.

It prints the classic benchy Speedboat in less than 6 minutes and is apparently capable of doing high quality prints in 1/10th of the time a Ender 3 would need. A lot of this is down to the intentional weight distribution of all the components into a column which runs down the middle of the printer that keeps things stable at higher speeds.

According to Matt, “By the time recording THE 100 is at the 26th rank of the leaderboard of the fastest printers in the world and it’s the fastest one that uses a 3d printed frame.”

There is a Github page with all the design files and details if you’d like to learn more or create your own.