Team of Robots Pick and Transport Food Autonomously

March 18, 2023 | Automation

From video description (translated):

“The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials AI Robot Research Division, Robot Mechatronics Research Department, Senior Researcher Taeyong Choi’s research team has developed a technology for harvesting horticultural crops that can automatically harvest crops by helping people in agricultural fields with severe manpower shortages and transport the harvested crops to loading docks through autonomous driving. Developed a number of robotic systems.

The harvesting robot recognizes crop information with high speed and precision in a facility gardening environment by applying the cutting-edge mechanical technology and artificial intelligence technology of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, and harvests tough crops without difficulty using a robot arm and a high-powered robot hand developed by itself. do. In addition, the transfer robot is capable of precise autonomous driving in a facility horticultural environment.”