Preview Video of Humane’s Screenless AI-Powered Device

May 14, 2023 | Electronics
Humane / TED

At a recent TED talk, former Apple designer and co-founder of Humane, Imran Chaudhri gave an overview for the vision of the companies AI-powered device.

He says that it has been designed from the ground-up to work with artificial intelligence, and works as a standalone device, not requiring a phone to pair with. It sits inside a shirt or jacket pocket, which is an interesting choice, and has a mini projector instead of a screen.

The idea is that the user can seamlessly interact with the AI more naturally, asking it questions directly, to instantly translate speech for example, or showing it things through the camera, kind of like the device from the movie ‘Her’.

It’s a little thin on the details, so it could be vaperware, but it could be worth keeping an eye on just in case.