Logistics Giant Maersk Exploring Drones/Robots for Automation

March 2, 2023 | Automation
Verity / Maersk

The company recently announced the use of Verity drones for warehouse inventory management. Here’s what they said:

“Verity’s warehouse drones navigate from pallet to pallet, collecting accurate inventory data in three dimensions by scanning barcodes at any height using onboard, highresolution cameras. The system requires one day of operator training, and the electricpowered drones return to the battery charging pad when necessary, operating on nights or weekends and without overhead lighting turned on. The drones take photos of SKUs on pallets to identify inventory errors, such as missing or misplaced pallets.”

They also posted a new video to their Youtube channel, showing robots designed by FetchRobotics working alongside warehouse operators, which they say increases the speed of order shipping in fulfillment centers.