Custom 3D Printed 35mm Analog Film Movie Camera

May 10, 2023 | Electronics
Blaž Semprimožnik

Blaž Semprimožnik has designed and built his own 35mm analog film movie camera, and I must say, features-wise it is great. He explains:

“I’ve designed and built a 3D-printed 35mm film camera that can shoot movies, photos, and time-lapses and also serves as a developed film scanner.

Its custom frame size enables longer shooting time, making it a cheap and easy way to shoot and scan 35mm film movies at about 51€ per 10min at 18fps.

Fully automatic film wind/rewind system whit auto lense track positioning, a built-in light meter, support for C-mount lenses, an OLED display interface, and a rechargeable battery.”