Increasing Trend Of Remote/Autonomous Surveillance Robots

ClearPath & Robotnik

Here are a couple new videos which highlight how more and more robots are being used for various autonomous surveillance applications.

The first shows ClearPath’s Alpacabot which is currently being tested on a farm to monitor Alpaca’s and other animals, and the other is Robotnik’s RB-VOGUI which patrols an electrical substation.

Look How Much Atlas’ Balance Has Improved

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics uploaded another blooper reel type video showing the Atlas bot falling and stumbling about. The above clip really highlights how far the humanoid robots balance has progressed.

(They’ve still yet to figure out how to make a robot that doesn’t walk like it’s pooped itself though)

Monitoring Progression Of Movement Disorders W/ Soft Sensors

Imperial College London

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers has developed a way to monitor the progression of degenerative movement disorders such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) using wearable motion capture technology and AI.

Tracking the progression of these diseases is normally done through intensive testing in a clinical setting. This research offers a more precise assessment that increases the accuracy and objectivity of the data, and should allow for a quicker and more efficient path to developing new drugs compared to current methods.

ChatGPT Capable Of Passing Different University Exams


Two separate pre-print studies were posted recently showing how ChatGPT was capable of passing different school exams. One was for a medical exam used to license doctors, and the other was for MBAs.

In both instances, the researchers found that the AI was able to pass the test, giving correct answers, as well as generating sufficient explanations for them.

MIT Develops AI That Can Detect Future Lung Cancer Risk

MIT / Guy Zylberberg

The AI model is called Sybil and can analyze low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung scans without the need of a radiologist to predict the risk of a patient developing a future lung cancer within six years.

The team demonstrated that Sybil obtained C-indices of 0.75, 0.81, and 0.80 over the course of six years from diverse sets of lung LDCT scans taken from various medical intitutes (models achieving a C-index score over 0.7 are considered good and over 0.8 is considered strong).

Using Artificial Intelligence To Generate RPi Case Designs

Youtube / Michael Klements

Youtuber Michael Klements released a video the other day. He built a 3D printed case for a Raspberry Pi, but interestingly, the concept for the look and feel of the design was generated by the Stable Diffusion AI.

I think this highlights how product design aesthetics is currently an untapped area that AI could assist designers and engineers in creating unique things.

Boston Dynamics Releases New Atlas Video

Boston Dynamics

From video description: “It’s time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills and get hands on. In this video, the humanoid robot manipulates the world around it: Atlas interacts with objects and modifies the course to reach its goal—pushing the limits of locomotion, sensing, and athleticism.”

(Behind the scenes video linked below too)

New Microsoft VALL-E AI Can Replicate A Voice With 3s Sample


A team at Microsoft recently released a paper showing off their language modeling approach for text to speech synthesis. They trained a neural codec language model (called VALL-E) for 60,000 hours, resulting in a system that can take 3 second voice samples and create realistic sounding replications that closely mimic tone and speech inflection.

View the link below for many audio samples.

Midjourney AI Imagines New David Cronenberg Movie

Midjourney / Keith Schofield

Here’s another example of the image generation abilities of the Midjourney AI. Music video and commercial director Keith Schofield recently tweeted out a ton of images for a Cronenberg movie which doesn’t exist. This one’s called Galaxy of Flesh and is pure nightmare fuel.

Volvo and Uber Freight Announce Strategic Partnership

Uber Freight

From the press release: “Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) and Uber Freight have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to deploy Volvo’s autonomous transport solution on Uber Freight’s marketplace. As a part of the partnership, both companies will work together to offer autonomous freight capacity on select routes starting in Texas to Uber Freight customers.”

AutoStore Launches Modular Storage System For Small Business


AutoStore has launched a new warehouse automation product aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It’s called Pio, and replaces conventional warehouse storage with a modular robotic system.

It integrates with Shopify and basically turns the storage system into a giant vending machine. When a customer places an order, Pio automatically finds the products in the cube, picks it and puts it in a box for the staff to process.

ChatGPT Writes Fake Scientific Abstracts That Fool Reviewers


A research team at Northwestern carried out a study to see whether OpenAI’s ChatGPT could fool reviewers of scientific papers with fabricated abstracts.

The reviewers were shown 25 abstracts, mixing real and fake ones together, and they had to give a score based on what they had read. They were fooled by the AI-generated ones 32% of the time.

Another Video From Sanctuary AI’s Telepresence Robot

Sanctuary AI

About a month ago I showed you a video from Sanctuary AI and was impressed by how the remotely controlled robot could perform intricate tasks.

They’ve uploaded another video showing off this capability, this time showing the bot carefully open a valve. Their Youtube channel is full of different use-cases for the robots.

Activ Surgical Announces Completion Of First Case Using AI

Activ Surgical

During a procedure at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, surgeons successfully used Activ Surgical’s ActivSight intelligent light for the first time.

Using laser speckle technology, and combining with their own AI software, the ActivSight gave surgeons realtime enhanced visuals of inside the patients body, allowing them to switch between modes, and automatically show or hide important and unimportant visual information depending on what they were doing.

ZF Announces Partnership To Bring Autonomous Shuttle To US

ZF Group

ZF unveiled its next generation shuttle for autonomous driving in urban environments and mixed traffic at CES 2023. For the new shuttle generation, ZF announced a strategic partnership with U.S. mobility services provider Beep, Inc.

This agreement aims to deliver several thousand shuttles to customers over the coming years, combining ZF’s vehicles with Beep’s mobility services into a single solution.

Luminar Announces New 3D Road Mapping Technology At CES


As part of it’s upcoming roadmap, Luminar announced it is aiming to equip over 1 million cars worldwide with it’s mapping technology, with the goal to map every road on earth, similar to Google Street View, but they claim at much higher resolution.

The company said they have already signed on its first mapping customer, though they did not name them.

Midjourney AI Reimagines LOTR As An 80’s Dark Fantasy

Youtube / Digital Dream

This new video by Digital Dream on Youtube really highlights how far AI has come in recent times, in this case creating visuals for a movie that doesn’t exist.

I suspect it won’t be long until entire movies are generated on the fly using similar techniques.

A Quick Look At How Wing Design Their Drones


Drone delivery company Wing recently uploaded a video talking about some of the considerations they have to factor in when designing their drones.

The hybrid quadcopter + fixed wing design needs to have a range of failsafes built-in in order to make sure the drones remain safe.

Labrador Systems Previews New Assistive Robots At CES 2023

Labrador Systems

Labrador Systems showed off a new proof of concept robot, aimed at assisting the eldery, disabled and general care givers. The robot itself is called the Labrador, and has an Amazon Echo Show 10 built in, so users can interact with it by voice.

Enabot EBO X Family Robot Companion


Video description: “The average human spends 26 years sleeping and 30 years working. That leaves just 1~2 hour in a day to truly connect with family, elders, or pets—if we’re lucky. With all that time apart and no one there to supervise, there can be a lot of concern about the health and safety of our loved ones.

This is why we created EBO X—not just for you but for ourselves as well.”

Sarcos Robotics / Changi Airport Test Robotic Baggage Handling

Changi Airport

Sarcos Robotics is teaming up with Singapore’s Changi Airport to test a new outdoor system to automate the loading and unloading of loose passenger bags from narrow-bodied aircraft.

Initial demonstrations were carried out in September 2022, and the airport group says this could help ‘meet long-term staffing needs’.

EvoBOT Is A Unique Approach To Autonomous Transport Robots

Fraunhofer Institute

A team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics have developed the EvoBOT, an interesting auto-stabalizing two-wheeled robot which can pick up and carry things autonomously.

Knight-Swift Transportation Teams With Autonomous Truck Co

Embark Trucks

One of North America’s largest transport companies, Knight-Swift
announced recently their new partnership with Embark Trucks to provide autonomous technology.

The companies have been jointly working on several operational initiatives to prepare for the handoff of Embark-powered trucks into Knight-Swift’s daily operations, including moving loads for large shippers on the Los Angeles to Phoenix lane.

Artificial Intelligence Effective At Predicting Cancer Outcomes

York University

A recent study by York University researchers suggests an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technique they developed is considerably more effective than the human eye when it comes to predicting therapy outcomes in patients with brain metastases.

In a recent Youtube video York Professor Ali Sadeghi-Naini talked about his AI technique and why the method is potentially superior to human inspection.